Face Brushing Illustration

Face Brushing

Christine "Cissy" White
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If dry skin brushing helps eliminate toxins, boosts the immune system, removes dead skin cells, and makes the skin look and feel better, what might the technique be able to do for your face?

Despite the benefits it delivers for your body, dry skin brushing is not recommended on facial skin due to its abrasiveness. While it does remove dead skin cells, it also strips the skin of essential oils. Electronic facial brushes offer a solution.

A Clean Slate

These devices clean the skin thoroughly. The brushing process helps increase the effectiveness of other products because it removes the barrier of grime and dead skin cells and allows the skin to more easily aborb products such as moisturizers, sunscreen, and serums.

You don't want to use an electronic brush daily because that would exfoliate the skin too much.

Dr. Oz has weighed in on the subject, recommending using it with a mild cleanser for about one minute. This would replace your regular cleaning routine several times a week. Follow the cleansing with an application of your other morning or evening skin care products.

The faster an electronic brush rotates, the gentler it is and the better it works on the face.

There is a huge variety in what is available. The $20 varieties rotate three or four times a second. More expensive models rotate up to 300 times a second and can cost about $200.

Which one you need depends on the size of your budget and the sensitivity of your skin!